The Power of Desire

The mission of Swasthya Living is to help you Think Big and come away from thinking that your big dreams are impossible.

According to the Law of Relativity, something is only big or small if it is compared to something else that is big or small. For example - if you saw something in a store that was discounted at 50%, you may think that was a small discount compared to what you saw in the other store, which was offering a 95% discount.

Large sums of money are only large compared to pennies. This comparison is what we give it and the same can be said for hurdles we face. A problem is only a big problem if it is compared to a minor problem. BUT what may be a minor problem to one may be a big problem for another.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, awareness of the Law of Relativity is important as it gives you more control of how you view something and when you are reaching out for your goals how you view the size of your goal can alter the impossible to the possible.

Don't be afraid to think big as the dream is neither big or small, its a dream, a goal that can be achieved when you break it down into manageable chunks of action.

How do you do this? By tapping into your desire to achieve your goal. When you really want something, you need to tap into that inner passion for the goal.

What would it mean to you to achieve what you want?

What sacrifices are you willing to make to bring that one goal to reality?

Connecting to your desire to achieve your dream is the key to success. You have to be willing to let go of those things that do not serve your purpose and go all into making it happen.

You have to stop telling yourself it is too big and just take action and go for it.

Change your perception of how big the difficulty is in achieving your dream and size the difficulty down into manageable actions to bring it to life.

Your desire and passion for what you want will see you through along with changing your perception of how big the task is.

Believe in your dream and start taking the steps to make it all possible.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.


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