Life Consulting Package

As you go through challenges in life, you come to realise that not only do the emotional changes occur but the fears creep back in and can stop you from continuing your journey to achieving your goals. This can be quite upsetting and demotivating as the challenges can affect many areas of your life. Maybe you have been eager for change, but have been too afraid to step out and take action. You don't have to deal with this alone. This current situation does not have to be scary, in fact, it can be just what you need to kick-start your life again.

With our Life Consultancy Package, you will gain more confidence in who you are and gain a new lease of life and a new outlook. You will no longer fear change but will be able to look at change as exciting and be ready to take action easily. Life will become more fun and you will feel like a different person - stronger and more powerful. Above all, you will have a trust in yourself that enables you to live a happy and fulfilled life in all areas of your life.

Our Life Consultancy Package offers 4 one hour One to One sessions over a maximum period of 2 months and unlimited email support between sessions, giving you support in many areas of your life, to keep you motivated, confident and feeling great, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This package offers consulting using the basic principals of the teachings of Universal Laws, in any/all of the following areas:


Personal Life


Intimate Relationships

Fitness and Nutrition Advice

Self Confidence


Meditation & Energy Healing Package

When trying to deal with challenges, you may struggle due to past and current emotions and beliefs you hold onto which hinders and limits you from moving forward. You may not be aware that you are holding onto these emotions especially if they are from your past, but they are the cause of not being able to move forward easily and effectively in life. This form of self-sabotage is locked in within your subconscious until you make the decision to connect to your inner self and face the limited fear within and clear it.

Meditation and Energy Clearing techniques are effective in releasing these negative blocks and together with Coach Rita you can unlock those emotions that are causing you to remain stuck in your current situation or filled with fear.

Our One to One Meditation & Energy Healing Package includes 4 one hour One to One sessions over a maximum period of two months to guide you to use these tools effectively and safely so we can remove the limited past blocks and help you feel stronger and in control of making changes that you want to make. You will also receive unlimited email support between sessions.

We offer the following in this package:

Meditation Guidance

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- Tapping)

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Intensive Energy Healing

Basic Energy Clearing Techniques

"Hi Rita 
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I decided to do the energy healing course. It has really helped me to put a lot of issues into perspective and to understand the patterns of my behaviours in order to stop doing them and so help me move forward. You have given me strategies to use and choose ones that suit me in order to make improvements to myself and how I deal with things. 
I feel in a short space of time that I have grown and feel calmer and more able to deal with people and problems than I did before. I definitely feel 'lighter' and have been able to let go of a lot that has been holding me back".

Victoria, UK - Deputy Headteacher


This special package is designed to give you One to One support to rediscover your passion for yourself and to build that confidence and love for who you are as an individual. Often life and circumstances can take us away from truly trusting in ourselves, this leads to lack of confidence and constant self-doubt and feeling unworthy of happiness.

This is the root cause of fear, anxiety and depression.

Here at Swasthya Living we do not want you to feel like this. Not loving who you are will result in attracting more negative situations into your life and feeling powerless to change things.

Once you begin to believe in you and love yourself, you allow yourself to stop settling for second best and become less afraid to reach out and go for what you want from life - total happiness.

This package will leave you loving the person that you are and you will have the confidence to stand strong no matter what curveballs you face in life.

This package includes the following:

4 x 1 hour One to One coaching sessions weekly

Unlimited email support between sessions


PLEASE NOTE: - If you are ready to transform your life and want to gain positive results from your consulting sessions, you have to be willing to invest time and dedication to making it work.

It takes on average 4 sessions to gain the results you are looking for, both internally and externally. All clients past and present who have worked with Coach Rita had a minimum of 4 sessions and have gained fantastic results (as you will see from our testimonials page).

This is why Swasthya Living offers One to One packages instead of pay as you go sessions for Life Consultancy and intense Energy Healing, as we want you to gain the results you need.

A standard 60 min One to One consultation with Coach Rita would cost you £350 but when purchasing a package, the cost of each consultation included in your package will be considerably lower than the standard per session rate! PLUS if you decide to continue One to One work with Coach Rita, your 60 min One to One consultations would still be at a lower rate than the standard One to One Consultation rate. 

On completion of an initial package, pay as you go options will be offered for ongoing support as and when needed.


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