Belief Clearing Package

Belief Clearing

Confidence is the one area that many lack in. This is due to a belief that you have held onto subconsciously for many years, that you maybe aware of or may not. But this is sabotaging your future.

If you feel that you are struggling to make positive changes in your personal life or business, due to lack of confidence, fear, anxiety or any uncertainty you are possibly attracting this negative limiting belief to your life on a daily basis.

Beliefs develop over time.

Often the struggles are there and no amount of action changes things, as the beliefs are blocking any action taken from being effective.

Coach Rita will work with you on a One to One basis to help you discover these limiting beliefs through a number of various exercises and together clear them with you, so you are free to move forward with confidence and inner strength.

Life Consultancy

Whatever dilemma you are going through, personally, professionally, in your relationship etc...this is a great way to gain the motivation, confidence and the guidance needed to move forward and make those big dreams your reality.

Sometimes we all need that one person who is there to support us in our time of growth and uncertainty. Coach Rita is that support and caters sessions to meet your needs in a calm, professional and confidential setting.

Coach Rita has a pro-active outlook on life and together with her guidance, you will gain the inner energy and self-belief needed to turn those big dreams into reality.

Energy Healing & Meditation

Your Chakras are internal energy centres which play a huge part in the results you are gaining in life. From your health to your finances. When these are out of balance, they can cause negative results in your reality.

Coach Rita provides healing and balancing of the Chakras and can also do some intensive energy work to clear past experiences from taking control of your future and present reality.

These sessions will leave you with more confidence, clarity and understanding about yourself and where you are heading.

"Since working with coach Rita, I have really noticed a positive change in my life. Coach Rita has helped me to focus on myself rather than everyone else around me and strengthen the connection to my inner being- which has been so enlightening. I've always struggled with being afraid and have always felt like fear ruled my life, but I have completely changed my outlook and now view life as a journey that needs to be enjoyed.  Coach Rita helped me to realise that to really enjoy the life you need to face your fears, push yourself to your limit and embrace the wonderful variety life has to offer. It's been the most liberating thing I've ever done".

Louise, UK - Make Up Artist & Beauty Expert

Coach Rita also has a YouTube Channel offering motivation and tips on a regular basis. To gain some great insight and support, please subscribe to the channel, by clicking on the link below.

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