Self Care = Positive Energy

This weekend I had the pleasure of being treated to a spa weekend to celebrate my 45th birthday and it was amazing. There is nothing like getting away from it all and completely unwinding and pampering yourself - right ladies?

Whilst I was at the spa sitting in the steam room, I was reflecting on the women that came into the spa and booked in a massage and I noticed an energy around them that you don't often see in many women who don't indulge in treating themselves to a spa treat.

They all radiated a positive aura around them. An inner strength that melted into a melting pot of confidence. This confirmed to me what I always believed to be true and what I always encourage women to do - looking after yourself and taking time out for you, really does make you feel more positive and stronger about the woman that you are.

I know a few women (not just clients) who spend their life complaining about how they are treated by others and how things are so difficult because no one ever gives them tlc and the love that they crave for. What do most of these women have in common? They don't take the time out themselves to give their body, mind and spirit the self-care and attention it deserves. So the question is - if you are not willing to give yourself the treats and look after your body at least, why should another be responsible for doing that for you?

We are responsible for ourselves and what we give to ourselves in terms of luxuries and pamper treatments, all comes from self-care. You care enough about yourself and your body, to come away from the hustle and bustle of life and to give yourself a treat.

You are taking the time out to value the beautiful woman that you are.

Makeup and going out and buying clothes is not the only way we can treat ourselves. Adding skin care, beauty care, body care, can go a long way to showing yourself that you love yourself enough to take care of your physical being underneath the clothes and makeup.

So to all the ladies who invest in themselves to book a day, evening or weekend at a spa and give yourself some pampering - you go girl! Your value for yourself and your needs shines through and to those ladies who don't indulge in a little extra pampering, why not give it a try?

Put the excuses aside and show your skin that you love it and allow that positive energy to shine out through your being as you give yourself back some love that you so deserve.

Remember, if you don't show love to yourselves first, how can you expect others to take the full responsibility and show you the love you crave. It's not their job to that, it's yours and trust me when you do - that positive energy will naturally seep out through your pores too.

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