Swasthya Living specialises in One to One Packages for intense focus as you will see from the Prices & Packages page.

This is so that you can gain the utmost support and result from your investment and be free to live your life on your terms forever.

But there are some services that are available on a Pay As You Go option for those 'as and when' services you may need.

Please see below details of what is available.

Chakra Healing


We all have 7 inner energy points which are connected to what is happening in our daily life. These energy points are known as our Chakras.

When a particular Chakra is unbalanced or very weak, this can affect our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

These pay as you go sessions are focused on keeping all your Chakras aligned and clear as well as healing anything that is blocking the Chakra from being balanced and strong.

You will leave the session feeling calmer and more aware of how to move forward and how to maintain the healing for effective living.

To book a One to One session, please contact Coach Rita Hurry via the contact page.



Learning to meditate or trying to meditate when you are struggling with a personal dilemma can be very difficult at times.

Our One to One sessions are catered to focus on you and your meditation needs and to guide you personally in your meditation journey.

Each session is focused on helping you find the outcome you need through your session as well as giving you times and guidance between sessions if you choose to continue your journey.

To book your One to One Meditation Session please contact Coach Rita Hurry via the contact page.

If you prefer to learn meditation online, Swasthya Living offers an online Meditation Course.

To enroll in this course, please click on the following link: Learn how to meditate in 14 Days