Coach Rita is pleased to offer not only One to One packages but also Life Coaching online courses to help you gain the knowledge, support and outcomes you are looking for.

Our Life Coaching courses will cover a wide range of topics that are easy to follow and give you the results of standing strong in the foundation of you, which always leads to a fulfilled way of living.

We cover how to meditate, which is an important part to gaining confidence and clearing limiting beliefs, as well as soon we will be adding more courses to help you love yourself more, clear hidden fears and practical lessons to support you on your journey.

Learning is a great part of life and no matter how old you are, the key to motivation and growth is to keep learning.

Through these online courses, you will definitely continue to grow and prosper in your knowledge.

Learn to Meditate in 14 Days

Have you ever wanted to try meditation but don't know where to start?

This 14 day course will teach you all the basics to meditation, including how to start your practice, the benefits of meditation, how to focus, breathing, how to implement a regular practice in your daily life and lots more.

On completion of this course you will not only have learnt how to meditate, but you will have also had experience of short and long meditations, gained some of the benefits meditation can bring you and have your own Guided Meditation audios to take into your own practice after you have completed the course.

This is a course you can come back to as often as you want throughout your meditation journey.

Course consists of easy to follow PDF and video lessons along with 3 Guided Meditations you can use time and time again.

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