Manifestations & Miracles

Are you open to this?

Are you open to having manifestations and miracles every single day in your life?

If you said yes, are you sure?

What if I told you that this is exactly what you have every single day? Would you believe me?

You are probably thinking - 'but I don't see this every day'.

You would be wrong!

Just the mere fact that each day you wake up and breathe another breath, is a miracle in itself. Life is a miracle and a blessing. But moving on from this, you do also experience manifestations every day also.

What you think about and focus on is always what is manifesting in your life. Your current financial situation, health situation, relationship situation - all situations manifested by you.

I know this sounds harsh, but every single day you are manifesting either miracles or things you don't want - just through things you say to yourself and your belief.

But you can change things - you can truly manifest an awesome life.

Want to know how?

By making a conscious decision to change your thinking and focus towards those things you want. To become that person who is living from a different perspective and sees life through the eyes of joy.

When you become more consciously aware of what you can have, be and do in life and you head in that direction, that's when you create the positive miracles and manifestations.

You don't need to wish you had your own genie and a magic lamp to grant you 3 wishes - you can wake up each day and have unlimited wishes come true whenever you want them. A Genie is not in control of this...You are!

Now, how amazing is that!

So start today and change your mindset - know that you have the power within you to bring those beautiful manifestations and miracles into your life on a daily basis.

Don't leave this option for the future - start today and create the life that you want to live.

Open yourself up to the possibilities and the unlimitedness of how much joy you can bring into your own life.

Let go of the doubts and embrace a new way of thinking.

It's time to manifest an amazing life. Are you ready?

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.


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