Is it make-believe?

When you were a child you were taught to read fairy stories and told to use your imagination and creativity when playing. The more you used your imagination, the more you enjoyed your play-time and the stories about Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty become so real, that maybe you could be a princess someday.

So what changed?

Why is it encouraged when you were younger but not as an adult? Maybe it's because you gave up on the idea of believing in the impossible and listened to society's expectation of you and followed the norm, like sheep coming together following their shepherd.

But while I'm writing this I just had a thought - who says society has trained us to give up dreaming and using our imagination to the extent we did when we were younger. What if the choice was entirely your own?

What if you decided to call it all 'make-believe'?

What if you gave up believing in the dream and pushed your imagination to the back and just based all of life's decisions on what is seen and currently happening in your life (good or bad) and decided that's your lot. I cannot do and have any more?

Is it you that has decided this?

Honestly, yes you did.

You made the choice to give up on the bigger picture that set your heart on fire with excitement every time you allowed yourself to visit there in your imagination.

Your imagination is your vessel for change. It is your vessel for excitement and new opportunities in your life. It gives you guidance, motivation, and inspiration to make it happen.

It's the vessel that leads you to your dreams not away from them.

It's not just for children, it's for adults too. And when you make the decision to use your imagination as an adult it becomes so much more than acting- out an image in your becomes reality!

You have the biggest tool within your mind that can lead you out of darkness anytime, but you have to use it. You have to believe in it again.

You have to become that reality that you aspire to have.

Oh and as for whether it's possible to be a Princess...Look at the beautiful Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. When she was younger she was standing outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, dreaming of big things for her life. Yes, she became an actress, but she became a princess too marrying her prince.

So who says dreams are all make-believe?

Until next time

Peace & Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

'Think Big - Make the impossible, I'm Possible'


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