Here comes the white hair!!

So how many of us ladies are battling with managing white hair? Yes, I can see lots of us with our hands up, I included!

But it's become not just an issue for the older generation, but also for the younger generation. Some women and men as young as 25 are now experiencing sightings of white hair! So why are the sightings younger and younger and exactly what is the cause of premature greying?

Stress does play a huge factor but the other main causes are due to your diet and the lack of certain vitamins and nutrients that you are not consuming on a regular basis.

As much as many of us do not like to watch what we eat all the time, diet is still a trigger point for many things and over time, you are going to have to stop fighting it and open yourself up to eating a lot healthier, especially if you want to maintain a head of hair with fewer greys for longer.

So let's look at the potential causes:

  • Lack of Antioxidants in the body - there are huge negative effects from Free Radicals which can increase aging and disease. Lack of antioxidants in the body can contribute to oxidative stress increase which has an effect on the pigmentation of the hair and will eventually weaken this, hence the hair turning white. Ensure you consume antioxidants regularly to help you combat this. Foods that contain antioxidants include - Green Tea, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Olive Oil and Fish.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies - Lack of vitamin B6, B12, D, and E can all contribute to greying hair. Nutritional deficiencies play a huge negative role in many areas of our body, but in this scenario, it can decrease the pigmentation in the hair, which causes it to turn white and lose its colour. So take those vitamin supplements! But also be aware that if you are someone who is against taking supplements of any kind when you cook your 'whole food' you are already losing some of the good nutrients in the food when it is being heated. So you could be missing out on these vitamins, without realising it. So I feel it is always good to take vitamin supplements to combat this. Foods that contain vitamin B12 include Meat and Eggs as well as some others. Dark green leafy vegetables also are a good source of B Vitamins.
  • Smoking - Well we all know the disadvantages of smoking, but yes the other disadvantage is the increasing loss of pigmentation in the hair. So as much as you might be stressed and therefore smoke, you are adding to the stress factor mentioned above and therefore increasing your greys at the same time! Is it really worth the damage?

Above are just a few of the causes of white hair. Of course, genetics play a part too, unfortunately.

But before you reach out for that hair dye, just also be aware that some hair dyes can cause your hair to lose it's pigmentation too. So although you are thinking you have found a solution, you could be increasing the white hairs. Just be aware of the chemicals in the dye (bleach being one of them) and if possible aim for natural hair dyes as much as possible.

But like me, if you love the brighter more eccentric colours than just be aware, that no sooner have you dyed your hair to cover the white hairs, it won't be long before you see one popping back on your head along with the others!

So to sum everything up - how you want to handle your white hairs is your choice, but if you are in your early thirties or even if you are in your twenties reading this blog and you have discovered more and more white hairs - check on your diet and get those good vitamins and antioxidants into your system and oh yeah...don't stress about it, you'll just increase them!

Until next time

Peace and Blessings xoxo


This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.

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