Coach Rita Hurry - Events & Workshops

Coach Rita Hurry has ran a number of events & workshops around London and Essex and has been invited as a Guest Speaker to many large events in London, including speaking at the Mind, Body Soul event in Alexandra Palace in 2016.

Coach Rita loves to connect with her audience and what better way to do this than in person. She has met and coached many amazing people at workshops and events.

Coach Rita has led Healing workshops, Coaching workshops and Meditation workshops.

Some of the events Coach Rita Hurry has been invited to speak at are: Wellbeing events, Business Networking and Women's Empowerment and Networking events. At these events, she shares tools and her experience with the audience and always makes sure that her audience goes away with insight to help them stay motivated.

Coach Rita Hurry also visits many corporate offices to give talks on wellbeing, meditation and stress management. Coach Rita has noticed a high number of people who work in office jobs, often struggle with stress. As someone, who previously worked in an office environment, she understands the pressure that many can have in their roles.

By going out into offices and sharing wellbeing tips and Meditation sessions, Coach Rita helps staff to use a technique that helps them keep stress to a minimum.

Coach Rita Hurry also shares content on her YouTube Channel. To watch, please visit - Coach Rita Hurry YouTube Channel