Do you know your Energy Type?

If you have ever followed metaphysics or been aware of the Universal Laws, you may already know that we are all energy beings.

We are all made up of cellular atoms which never stop vibrating and what you think is still, is actually a group of atoms come together to make up a vibrational state. Our physical self is made up of atoms and pure energy. For if you were to look at your hand through a microscope you will see the atoms of your hand and not the actual physical hand itself. There is also a way to see our pure energy radiating from our entire being using the correct equipment. Proving the fact that we all are energy beings experiencing life.

So with that knowledge - we are all related to being a particular Energy type, which can be recognised through our personality traits and even our facial features - yes this is true!

There are 4 different Energy Types - Air, Water, Fire and Earth and often once a person realises which energy type they are, it can make things a lot easier when dealing with others in the workplace, at home, in business or anywhere social.

Recognising certain traits that we hold and why we prefer to do things a certain way, can take a lot of the guesswork out of daily life and it can lead to a lot less misunderstanding.

Having said this - if you discover what Energy Type you are and recognise the traits that you have but you feel it affects your life in a negative way, this can be changed.

Often our predominant Energy Type was created due to our inward belief about who you believe yourself to be over a period of time. We create habits over the years based on this trait due to circumstances we have experienced in life.

But as we all have a dominant Energy Type we also have a secondary Energy Type, which when used effectively can balance things out and lead us to not only stand strong in the foundation of who we are but also allow us to change certain traits which we do not like within our dominant energy for the secondary. This creates a better balance as you often find that if one energy type is of a strong character, the secondary energy type will often be the opposite.

Having an awareness of your Energy Type should never be used to manipulate a situation, but should be used to give you an awareness of why you prefer things a certain way and how you can implement change in the best way according to your dominant and secondary Energy Type. Also giving you the ability to understand others without judgement.

Having an awareness of who you are is key to success and being made aware of which Energy Type you are can shed some light on many areas of your life.

Want to find out what Energy Type you are and how to use it to your advantage?

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Clarity is the first step to positive change.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo 

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