Do you dream of a better life?

What do you think about often deep down whilst you are continuing with your day to day routine?

Is your mind and heart far off somewhere else, wishing for more or something totally different?

If this is so, why don't you take action to bring that dream to your reality?

Is it fear or not knowing where to begin?

There is so much more that is holding you back and maybe you have tried to take a step in the direction your heart really wants to be heading in, but you have often struggled and fallen back into taking no action and keeping things the same.

Your results in life are created by your thinking. What you focus on every single day becomes more and more of the same. That energy that stops you from heading in the direction of your dreams, is the same energy that you can control and change to work with you to make things happen and to live the life you dream of.

But first, you have to give yourself permission. You have to allow yourself to keep on dreaming big and believe that you can and will make the changes that you truly want. You have to begin believing in yourself again and respecting yourself enough to say - "I will and I am".

Life is here right now, it's your gift. Don't spend it wishing you could be, do or have more. Start today and make a decision that you will do whatever it takes to make the changes you need to make, commit to that decision and trust that even though you may not know how right now...the answer will come. Trust yourself.

Are you ready?

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.


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