Confidence is your Birthright

Confidence - one of the biggest downfalls many of us face every single day. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we are crying out for it.

But when this becomes a negative problem...this is when you feel like you are suffocating under the pressures of life and often feel like you can't cope.

Yes, this is how extreme it can feel.

Many who radiate confidence and have the ability to manage it to their advantage, don't know how extreme these feelings can be when lack of confidence is the number one ailment for an individual.

Trust me I have experienced it and lived like this for many years previously. You feel all alone in the world, even if you have others around you.

It's not something that can be snapped out of. It's something that has to be managed. And when managed, it can be overcome.

One of the false beliefs that many have, is that some have confidence and some don't. This is not true.

We all have the confidence gene within us. From the moment you were born, you knew how to cry to declare unto the world and those around, that you have arrived. And this didn't stop there.

But along the way, negative thoughts came into play, which led you to believe negative things about yourself, which eventually made you hide from everyone and just follow and play in the background.

Yes, you come out to play now and again and tap into your confident power, but you often don't allow yourself to do this too much, as you may just draw too much attention to yourself.

Too many live this lie and rather play in the background, than at the forefront of their own life.

Your life should have you as the star of it.

But how do you do this?

Remind yourself of the truth - confidence is your birthright and it is now time to claim it!

No one else can be confident for you but you. You are the only person who knows yourself well enough to be confident.

Oh yes -those negative lies you believe about yourself? They need to be gone. They don't serve you, in fact, they are just moving you further away from your purpose.

Reclaim your birthright right now. Stand up and claim that confidence that belongs to you.

Yes, it will waiver from time to time - trust me even the most confident person, has times they lack a little confidence. But the key is in managing it and not letting it manage you.

Are you ready to reclaim what is yours?

Until next time

Peace & Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo


This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.


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