Change is good

To want change and to make a change are two different things. Many of us desire to change something in our lives but often leave things as they are due to the fear of change.

You may want to change an aspect of your personality that doesn't work for you anymore or something more external about your current situation. Whatever the change may be, the first element you are faced with is fear.

It is too comfortable to keep things as they are, even though changing things could prove to be exciting and lead to more positive things in life. So why not go ahead with the change?

Your subconscious keeps you living in the past. The more you focus on what went wrong the last time you tried to change things or what didn't happen, the more you stay stuck where you are.

Here are 5 tips to help you move past the desire of change to taking action:

  1. Focus - Focus on the outcome you want to gain from taking action and making a change. How would life be for you? What new opportunities excite you? Would it lead to more financial freedom, better health, better relationships, etc. Focus on these things when you wrestle with doubt.
  2. Take small action steps - These steps do not have to be huge, just a few things each week, that get you moving in the direction you desire to head in. By doing this you are allowing yourself to connect to the feeling of already living the life you desire.
  3. Connect to the feelings - our feelings are powerful and when you bring in emotions, you stir the pot into movement and begin to gain the motivation or de-motivation (if you hold negative feelings) to take action. You can connect to the feelings best through meditation and visualisation. This gives you the opportunity to let go of everything that pulls you in the opposite direction to your desire. How would it feel if you had everything you desire? What does that excitement feel like to you? Connect to that feeling.
  4. Put pen to paper - going back to pen and paper and making a list of all the pros and cons of changing things is an excellent way of freeing the brain of all the confusion. Writing things down on paper is a very liberating thing to do especially when your emotions weigh so negatively on your decisions. There is something so powerful that happens when you see your thought process written down on a piece of paper that brings about the clarity you need. So make that list and see things clearer. This will motivate you to take some action for sure.
  5. Positive ' I Am' Affirmations - Affirming to yourself on a daily basis that you are already doing and being what you want to change about your life, can free up the subconscious mind of self-limiting beliefs and lift your energy to want to start taking action. The more you affirm to yourself that you are already being, doing or having that which you want, transitions your energy entirely and helps you begin to manifest those circumstances that work in your favour towards that change. Thus, making it a lot easier to implement the change you desire.

Using the above 5 steps can really get you moving. Life is too short to just sit back and desire things to change. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life and change is a part of that journey.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.


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