Be Your Best Friend

What goes through your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you judge yourself and look at all your flaws?

Do you not really look at yourself in the mirror and prefer to keep your eyes down as much as possible?

Do you avoid eye contact and feel you just can't look at yourself for too long?

Or do you love looking at yourself and spend as much time as you can, checking yourself out?

I am hoping it was the last option that you were guilty of, or as I like to call it, my guilty pleasure.

Now I am not saying that I am perfect. I have my flaws but I do love the woman I see in the mirror the numerous times I go past the mirror.

Every woman should love to look at herself and love who she sees in the mirror. This is so important and often can be the starting point to healing deep-rooted negative thought patterns.

Loving who you see in the mirror is not being vain, although many would label it as being so. Loving who you see in the mirror is reflecting back the love that you see back to you. It's being that true friend to yourself and feeling that love connection for yourself.

Many prefer not to look in the mirror too much especially as they change due to growing older. Too many women grow older and begin to stop being their own best friend and start to rely on others to boost their confidence.

But when this fails, the one person they have on their side is no longer on their side as they cannot stand to look at themselves with love for themselves.

A true friend a woman can rely on is herself. You are your best friend and as best friends go, you have to be able to look at each other and love what you see in each other.

So I urge you to get to know you again. Get to love your flaws and your quirks. Don't let others be the deciding factor on building you up and pulling you down, you decide to keep yourself strong by being that best friend whom you can rely on to always be there for you, encouraging you and smiling at you.

Others will come and go but you are the one that will be standing with you right until the end. You are in this relationship with you until your last breath. So make it the valuable relationship that it is.

Start off building that relationship with yourself by letting go of the judgments you have about yourself each time you look in the mirror and see the good.

Give yourself the pep talk you need to hear whilst looking in the mirror. Say out loud those affirmations and believe in your heart that there is no greater love than the love you have for yourself.

You are powerful and you are worthy of so much love and value. But that all starts with how much love and value you are willing to give yourself.

So next time, don't be so quick to look the other way when you next look at yourself in the mirror. Build that relationship and fall in love with that beautiful lady in the mirror...for once she radiates that love, it will radiate back to you. Now that is true friendship.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

This blog post is copyrighted by Coach Rita Hurry of Swasthya Living.

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