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Our Approach

Swasthya Living is all about you with one missionĀ  - To encourage you to believe in yourself, think big and make the impossible "I'm Possible!"

We are here to help you stop letting the hurdles of life and limited fearful thinking stop you from living your big dreams and start living a happy and fulfilled life.

One to One consultations, group consultations, and online courses are available to help you make the transitions in life.

Swasthya Living encourages you to connect to your inner strength and gives you the tools and support to believe in yourself and to live an active and fulfilled lifestyle.

You matter and your purpose for happiness becomes our purpose to help you achieve your happiness.

Our Story

Coach Rita Hurry has been a Life Coach for over 16 years and was awarded Best LOA Life Coach in 2015. She is also a certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Energy Healer, Author, and Meditation Coach.

She has helped a number of men, women, and couples across the globe achieve their goals and helped many overcome anxiety and their battle with lack of confidence.

Coach Rita's clients include Casting Agents, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Music Composers, Dj's, Artists, Business Owners and many more around the globe.

"We are on this journey together and no matter what challenges we face lets not run from them but trust in our own infinite powerful selves. We are more powerful than we know and you don't have to play small anymore. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life and I want to help you do just that. No dream is too small to achieve!"

Swasthya Living was created by Coach Rita with that mission in mind - to get you to Think Big and make the impossible I'm Possible!

Next Steps...

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