• Do you Lack Self Belief and Confidence?

  • Do you battle with Fear and therefore feel stuck?

  • Do you struggle to meet someone new due to past pain from exes?

  • Do you struggle in valuing and loving yourself?

  • Do you struggle in your business or Personal Life?

  • Do you dream of a better life but afraid to make it happen?

Coach Rita Hurry is here to help you overcome these struggles and live a happy and fulfilled life.

"Rita's coaching has not only given me direction but purpose. Giving me a belief in what I do, Rita has given me clarity and vision to achieve what I want with my music and my songwriting and has helped me move forward. With her pleasant manner, she is easy to talk to and she speaks a lot of sense. Sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees in lifeRita helps you get past that!"

 -Shaun C Bryant, UK - Singer/Songwriter

Welcome to Swasthya Living!

The word ‘Swasthya’ in Sanskrit means ‘getting rooted in one’s own self’

This is the mission of Coach Rita Hurry, hence why she created Swasthya Living.

Coach Rita's purpose is to help you think big and make the impossible - " I'm Possible"! Whilst, staying true to your inner core self and embracing who you are and living a happy and fulfilled life.

There are many curveballs that life can bring mentally, emotionally and spiritually but together with Coach Rita, you will gain the freedom, knowledge, the inner strength, and most of all gain access to belief clearing, to clear those beliefs that hold you back.

Too many individuals, give up when a challenge strikes and feel that their life is on a downhill slide and are afraid to dream big, think big and give life all they have got in the fear of being disappointed.

If this is you,  this does not have to be so. You can gain the confidence to turn things around enjoy life and be free from all the limiting beliefs that hold you back AND achieve all your BIG goals no matter who you are.

Coach Rita is your very own 'Inside Out Coach'. The reason we all struggle in life is due to what is happening internally. We attract what we believe.

Coach Rita, therefore, works with you to clear those limiting beliefs on the inside, with intensive belief clearing work, that will give you the freedom you have been craving for so long to start over more stronger and ready to manifest your dream life.

Don't hide your true potential - it's your time to shine in all areas of your life!

Using Law Of Attraction methods, Energy Healing, Belief Clearing Techniques and Meditation, we can begin to knock down those barriers that have held you back for too long.

Limitless living is here for you and you are worth it!

welcome to swasthya living
"Rita has completely changed my life around in the time I've been working with her. I had zero confidence and was trying to deal with leaving a long term job and transition to making a living as an artist. Through EFT, Law of Attraction and Rita carefully guiding me through heaps of issues, I'm well on my way to achieving my goals and making my career work. I feel stronger and more authentic as a person and this definitely wouldn't have happened without her, I'm so grateful she came into my life at exactly the right time! "
Becky, UK - Artist

One to One Life Consultancy Services

One to One Life Consultancy in the following areas: Personal life, Business life, Relationships, and confidence-building.

Gain guidance and support every step of the way to achieving your goals in all areas of your life.

Belief Clearing, Meditation and Energy Healing Services

One to One Meditation Guidance for beginners and advance, Chakra Healing and Intensive Energy Healing sessions to help you connect to the true self, your Higher Self and Belief Clearing to discover the hidden limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and clearing them to leave you free to move forward in life.


"Rita is patient, understanding and non-judgmental in her approach.  I never felt there was anything I couldn't tell her for fear of being judged. Which is vital if you're going to get the best out of coaching. Rita offered practical suggestions to help reduce my anxieties, such as visualisation and meditation techniques. She helped me see everything starts with the self and ultimately it is the only thing we have control of. Problems won't miraculously disappear but by using her techniques and having her support it definitely helped me manage the situation better and minimise some of my anxieties. I would definitely recommend Rita as a life/loa coach. I felt I connected with her, she understood my feelings and was able to identify the root cause of some issues".

Michelle, UK - Government Employee

The Law of Attraction Living Series is OUT NOW!!!

If you are struggling to implement the Universal Laws in your life and truly want to overcome the curveballs that life can often bring, these books are a great way to implement this journey.

Book 1 - Law of Attraction Living: The Foundation focuses on building the foundation of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and shares exercises that you can use to help you build on what you have learnt.

Book 2 - Law of Attraction Living: The Core moves on from the first book and looks at how to use LOA effectively in everyday life and to help you in those major areas you are struggling in - Money, Career, Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Life in general.

For more information and to purchase, please check out the books on Amazon.

Coach Rita Hurry is supporting Dementia UK charity in all the work they do helping families and individuals struggling with Dementia.

Many individuals and their families are affected by this disease and Coach Rita's aim is to raise awareness of this and to fundraise as much as she can to help Dementia UK continue to support those who need it most.

Every package an individual purchases, Coach Rita will donate 10% of the purchase to Dementia UK.

Alternatively, If you would like to make a separate donation to Dementia UK, please click on the following link:


Thank you.

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